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Those who are casting real love spells and those who have once cast real love spells by the real spell casters have really experienced real love spell casting. The best love spell casting takes place in different countries like South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuwait, UK and other countries because there are best spell casters there. If you in one of these countries and you are still not casting spells, then you have got to look closely at yourself and see if you really don’t need spells in your life. You should remember that spells are not for love only but they are for your problems including financial problems and security problems.


As I said before that real love spell casting is experienced by spell casters and clients, I am now going to talk about that. I am Sheik Mubarak and I am that real spell caster that have experienced real love spell casting I am going to tell you about two of my clients that also experienced real love spell casting. The first one is a 34-year-old woman from Hong Kong. First of all when I cast you the love spell I only expect to solve your relationship or your love life problem. I know that when you are around the age of 34 you are likely to have someone that you hope to marry or spend the rest of your life with. But it became a different story for this woman. They have been together for like 12 years now.


Things went wrong two years ago. With world’s temptations, things can go wrong in any relationship. The man went with a young girl and the man started losing focus on his relationships and paid attention to this young girl. As time went on, things went all messy and the woman tried to talk to his man but it was not to be. She ended up thinking about leaving the relationship but how do you leave the man you love at an age of 34 and look for other men? So, the woman tolerated this issue and she thought of casting a love spell for her situation. So, came to me and she told all her story and I recommended her the lost lover love spell.


She asked me to cast her break up love spell and I told her that she doesn’t need the break up love spell. The lost lover love spell has got the capability to break up a relationship. I cast her spell and after five days she called and told me that there are changes and after a week, things were slowly returning to normality. I know that spells work but I don’t know whether you believe in them or not. Visit me today for your spell.




One of the things from which humans derive their greatest joy from is finding a person in which they have a deep friendship with. The joy comes from the great and memorable times shared with this people, the good times and the fun moments shared with these persons. call sheik Mubarak on: +27787609980




Many times after we have ended a relationship, there are certain streets and certain areas which we begin to fear. Sometimes you may be walking down the street and when you look at the crowd, you may believe that your old love that broke your heart could be part of that crowd. You begin behaving sheepishly and cowardly as though the world was never meant for you.



If you are serious you want you’re ex-lover back, then the Osiris love spell is the perfect solution to this dilemma. I will not need much explanation to this spell. Suffice it to say that we all recognize that once a relationship ended badly, we are always craving some kind of cosmic revenge or punishment for the damages we suffered. Call it a cosmic judgment for “damages caused.”


There are many ways to get back at an ex. With this spell, you can let the magic choose the most painful punishment for your ex. This spell is more specific when aiming at a specific punishment.



Materials needed:


– Photo of ex


– 6 black and red candles


– 2 pins


– 1 lemon



Time of the day:


The spell must be performed on a Friday midnight.


Ritual steps:


˚ The first thing to do is to place the 6 candles in a circle. You will then have to place the picture in the center with two pins and two lemon fruits.


˚ Light up one candle and allow it to burn. Once you have done this, put a few drops of wax that melted from the burning candle on the chest of your ex.


˚ While doing that, say the following words:


Osiris, I call upon you, Hear my calling, Feel my pain, Master of punishment, Judge of nature, I invoke the most powerful Osiris, Bring a worthy punishment to….. (Former lover’s name), my pain is my revenge, my happiness is suffering that we must equally share, Destroy … (name) oh great god of gods. “



Then light the rest of the candles. Take a pin and stick it on one lemon. Then with that pin stuck in the lemon, recite the following silently in your mind:


(Name)….has Lost reason


(Name)….is now blind to the betrayal


(Name)….has been deluded into reality


(Name)….is ridiculed by my will”


Stick another pin on the second lemon and say the same silently in your heart.


“Torment, madness, pain and punishment upon you… (Name)


I will continuously lurk in your heart


You are a victim of my passion


I command thy destruction and call you back to my life instantly”


Finally, as you meditate, allow the six candles to burn up completely. Repeat the same the next Friday night.