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My most popular revenge spell

My most popular revenge spell:

Heartbreak Revenge Spell - Causes depression, self-doubt, and heartbreak in your enemy who wishes they had never been born.

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Here are some of the very common requests for Casting Revenge Spells:

Binding Revenge Revenge Spell - This restricts and binds an individual from psychic attack. It may also prevent a person from harming others as well as them self.

Confusion Revenge Spell - Much like the befuddlement, this will cause confusion and uncertainty, depleting confidence and even the simplest things go wrong.

Control Revenge Spell - A form of psychic attack, that allows psychic control of an individual.

Crave Revenge Spell - Causing an irresistible urge and craving. An insatiable appetite for the unobtainable.

Destroy Enemy Revenge Spell - The purpose of this Revenge Spell is to bring your enemy to their knees, filling them with an overwhelming sense of loss, fear, regret, and unhappiness.

Doomed-to-Fail Revenge Spell - This Revenge Spell zeros in on partnerships, friendships, marriage, etc., causing monumental differences that can never be repaired.

Fear and Dread Revenge Spell - Brings a sense of dread and foreboding.

Frustration Revenge Spell - Makes every moment more frustrating.

Get-Even Revenge Spell - Much like the justice spell, only justice has nothing to do with this, its pure vendetta.

Haunting Revenge Spell - This will cause the person to be haunted by what they done, and may also cause various levels of haunting activity.

Heartbreak Revenge Spell - Causes depression, self-doubt, and heartbreak in your enemy who wishes they had never been born.

Inconvenience Revenge Spell - This will make day to day activity inconvenient and everything will get in the way at the wrong time.


Nightmare Revenge Spell - Promotes restless sleep, and very bad nightmares. In some cases has been known to cause dangerous insomnia, and sleep walking.

Suffering Revenge Spell - This spell is intended to bring suffering, and make the person generally miserable.

Preemptive Strike Revenge Spell - Request this Revenge Spell when immediate and bold action is necessary. This curse blunts your enemy's effectiveness by depleting their energy and will.

Financial Ruin Revenge Spell - Causes disruption in your enemy's financial holdings and their ability to make money. This curse negatively affects their career and future earning power.

Twisted Mind Revenge Spell - Causes confusion, indecision, and unclear thinking. This curse affects your enemy in both personal and business affairs causing serious conflicts with friends, coworkers and loved ones.

The "Cancel" Revenge Spell / Curse Spell - Should you ever regret casting a Dark Curse on someone, this Spell will cancel one particular curse, thus sparing your enemy further grief.