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Power Ritual Combo Spell

Ritual Description


The Power Ritual Combo is the right choice for most cases. If you are in need for strong and potent results, then this ritual is the right choice for you to attain satiable yet effective results. No matter if you are in need for a love spell, money spell, protection spell or any other magic spell, the Power Ritual Combo covers it all. All Power Ritual Combos are 100% custom-tailored to your situation, no matter what your situation may be.

A Power Ritual Combo is a "Two-Spells-In One Combo". It is a combination of both the Power Ritual and Hex Eradicator

The Hex Eradicator wards off and destroys evil and negative energies and then attracts positive energies (good energies). This cleanses your spiritual path from all hexes, curses, jinix and any bad luck. Thus laying a solid and clean spiritual foundation for the Power Ritual, which will work on the problem at hand and successfully solve the problem that you are having?

What is included in the Power Ritual Combo?


    Pr-spell analysis with extensive energy and shell readings

    Gathering and Blessing Ceremony of all materials and ingredients

    14 batches of rare ingredients and materials for your ritual

    14 batches of rare ingredients and materials for your talisman

    14 extensive Ritual Sessions

    Preparation of your Talisman

    Blessing Ceremony of your Talisman

    Hex Eradicator

    7 Layer Spiritual Shields

    Final Energy Reading and Blessing Ceremony

    The Power Ritual Combo will be 100% customized to your specific situation and Problems.

In order to cast this customized spell on your behalf and to prepare your Talisman I need the following information and materials.

Required Materials for the Power Ritual Combo Spell

Handwritten Letter


Send me a handwritten letter describing the nature of your problem and what you wish for the spell to accomplish. Your letter can be as short as a paragraph or as long as several pages.

Fourteen Hairs


Fourteen (14) hairs from your head or eyebrows. The hairs must be plucked from the roots – not cut. Put your fourteen hairs in a small envelope and label it with your name.

Seven Tears


Dropped on a paper napkin. You can use onion to get your eyes wet and then wipe your eyes 7 times with a paper napkin or tissue. You don't need to "drop" the tears, you can wipe your eyes 7 times. If you cannot cry at all please send instead a piece of finger nail from your right hand pinky (little finger).